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Friday, January 3, 2014

Rocket Racers: The Big'uns

Here are my two new assembled HS38 Rockets by Bombshell Miniatures. I'll call them the X-3 and X-4 models (three- and four-engine, experimental.)

The conversions were very easy owing to the nice resin. I sliced off some wings, filed down some edges, drilled a couple pinning holes, and added a nose cone with some green stuff. I'll give the glue and green stuff plenty of time to cure, and will start priming tomorrow.

In the meantime, I have a couple pilots to clean up and assemble. I might also go back and add some more green stuff to smooth out that nose cone, though, I'm not unhappy with it.

I should have ordered another pilot so I could put together this nice little Scooty Puff Jr. model.

Update: I almost forgot to do one more thing to my X-4; I clipped the wings. I wanted it to have less of a "flying" look and more of a "speed" look.  And these ships are mostly supposed to be flying through space, anyway, so there's no need for wings. (And yes, the pilots aren't wearing pressure suits, but I prefer to see them in the spirit of retro scifi, when all you needed was a leather jacket and a gas mask to survive in space.)


  1. Great models, fantastic work on them!

    Outstanding Futurama reference too!

  2. Yes, I do enjoy Futurama! In fact, the episode, "2-D Blacktop" was one of the things that inspired me to write up some modified "Charioteer" rules into a rocket racing game- which led to these models.

  3. Enjoying watching your progress on this. :)

    Anymore monochromatic Zombies any time soon?

    1. I don't have any plans after these rockets (and one more samurai), so I may get back to those zombies soon enough. I hope I remember the recipes .... oh right, I posted the recipes to this blog :)