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Saturday, January 11, 2014

My Steve Barber collection- the big photo

This isn't my entire collection; this is just the unarmored samurai with which I love to do skirmish games. I still have the two armored bushi factions (which are still for sale.) If I find a little time, maybe I'll take a similar group photo of those.

All of these (37) figures were made using 11 poses (five of those poses are the ninja, and that entire front row of peasants was made/converted using only two poses.) Each figure is unique, not just in paint, but also in variations of pose (some slight), or the addition or subtraction of hair/facial hair or clothes, or the changing of weapons or swapping of heads.

Yep, definitely my favorite figures out of any of my collections. I just felt like sharing them again (even though, I'm sure most of you have already seen these in other forums ad nauseum.) I'm too damn proud not to show them off :)

Photography note: I got that stepped effect by placing a food-can shelf organizer underneath the (vff) suede mat I use for many things.


  1. A fantastic collection - you are a master!! Glad to follow you.
    I am curious what you are doing next...

    1. I'm also curious what my next project will be :)
      I'm taking a short break and doing a little bit of freelance work.
      But I have plenty in the lead mountain, and even more zombies

  2. Stunning. and with the lovely terrain we all now you have, your games must be a delight to witness :)

  3. They are all stunning and its been fantastic watching you build, convert and paint them in bringing them to life. Seeing them altogether is brilliant. It would be nice to see your others in a group shot as well.

  4. So undoubtedly someone, they are an extraordinary and really fantastic set.

    Good work and a greeting.

  5. Great work. I perfer to keep my scale in the 28mm, but that is just outstanding and great quality.