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Friday, April 27, 2012

54mm Post-apoc: The Matron

Reading the recent Red Sands Black Moon battle report over at Two Hour Wargames blog, I liked the idea of a "patron," a figure to use who simply helps the players remember the turn order (which can be easy to forget after a few back-and-forths on the attack tables.)

So I used this old out-of-print figure from Bronze Age miniatures, gave her a book on a rusty pole (book and skulls are from the Mordheim Witch Hunters set, I think) and painted her a metal bikini. Now I have my own post-apoc ring girl ... or witch ... or school teacher: "Ok, kids, now it's time for twin skulls calculus."

Quick note: Foundry's Bay Brown (What I've used here) makes a great brown flesh color. I had never tried it before because the base coat of Bay Brown looks (to me, anyway) like it has JUST a touch of green in it. But with the rest of the triad, it works just dandy!

And with the idea of the "patron," mechanic, I suddenly remembered I had this old figure (Charon, who I converted from a Black Cat Miniatures 54mm ancient German), which I can use to keep track of turns when playing with my classical gladiators:


  1. If anyone here watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer, she sort of reminds me of the First Slayer. "No friend! Only kill!" Perhaps crossed with some of WH40k's religious fanatics. Very cool.

    Side note: because I paint 28 mm figures at the largest, I keep forgetting these are 54 mm. You must have more display/storage space available than I do ;)

  2. Both figures look fantastic - however I think I prefer the Matron figure - it is my favourite.

    As far as changing your Blog layout - this is a question that I keep asking myself, but here is a comment from my son when I asked him his advice (he does work as a graffic artist for a major computer co.)

    Your followers follow your Blog because they like it. Don't change anything that might alienate them.

    Worth thinking about.


  3. Thanks (your son) for the advice; I agree - and that was one of my fears. I think I hit a good combination of keeping some of the old while cleaning up the design a bit. (I thought having two rails loaded with info was getting a touch cluttered.)

    I've got one rail, a better archive, and I decided to keep the categories for those who find the archive clunky.

    I'm still exploring tabs across the top (they would replace the short description above, since the tabs would essentially self describe what is in the blog.)

  4. Lovely work. I agree about the Foundry Bay Brown triad. When I tried the base layer I thought, 'Oh, this is going to be nasty.' But as you say once the other two layers are applied then it looks quite good.