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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

54mm Apocalators: The Animal Hunt

So I was thinking about Red Sand Black Moon. Remembering that it's going to be compatible with Red Sand Blue Sky, I realized I'll be able to have animals in my games. And since mine is a post-apocalyptic setting with radiation and mutants and whatever the hell I want, I can use whatever "animals" I want.

So here are a couple. These are just posed shots; I still need to give these beasts some stats. One is my Dark Young figure (Fantasy Flight Games) which looks perfectly fine as a mutant abomination from the wastes of Septimontium. The other is an Arsinotherium (by Wild Safari, I think), a prehistoric mammal I think can fit the bill as a wasteland beast. 

This opens up the floodgates; all of my dinosaurs can come come off the shelf and enter the fighting pit (feeding pit?) I think I might also pick up this neat postosuchus later, too. Geez, and I almost forgot that I also ordered the God of the Bloody Tongue figure from Fantasy Flight Games to be a mutated brute in the arena. Gonna be bloody pits over here!

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