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Monday, October 8, 2012

3rd generation of apocalators are coming along

I'm well into the creation of my latest batch of apocalators. Here are a few. I figured it was time to add old Nyarlathotep into the mix here.

I'm also happy with my new hammer fighter with here distinctive armor; I'm not sure if I'll paint it as quilted padding (as seen on classic gladiators) or as segmented leather. If my other hammer fighter wasn't already in black leather, I'd do this one up in black, segmented armor (as rubber perhaps?)

One of the hard parts (but also fun) about all this is trying to create new helmet designs. I like the helmet here on the far right, even if it's roughly done (I try my hardest to sculpt well, but I also know I can cover some of it up with decent painting.) The diamond "face" you see on it is actually the "mouth." Later, when the figure is finished and painted, you'll be able to see that there are indeed ventilated eye holes on either side above the "mouth."

Among the other apocalators are a few couple more pole-armed fighters, a ball-and-chain fighter and a few more basic sword-and-board fighters (including one who is my tribute to the character Varro from the Spartacus series; he'll get no helmet and lovely blond locks.)

I also left off a helmet on my chain fighter (though I made add a mask.) I wanted a little practice in sculpting hair.

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