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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

54mm Apocalators: Awakened heavy warrior

This is my favorite of this group so far. I couldn't say why; Maybe it's the lively yellow loin cloth, or the nice mountain of armor, or the pelvic bone chest plate - I like it all. It just "works" for me.

The pelvic bone was a piece of free-forming with the greenstuff. It was originally just going to be a shaped leather piece of armor. I was just about to apply the paint when I realized the shape was similar to a human (or a large mammal) pelvis. The blade on his polearm is a piece of plasticard, cut, shaped and drilled.

One thing I like about Bronze Age Miniature's 54mm generics is that they are not all the same height. The males are taller than the females, and then some males and females are taller than other males and females.  It's a nice mix and it really allays my compulsion to try to match figure heights when getting figures from different companies for one collection. (Though, this minor obsession did result in some fun conversions for me; I converted my tramp steamer crew because I wanted them to match my other Copplestone figures, and now they are among my favorite figures.)

Septimontium setting info: I've been thinking about other minor cultural things about the Awakened. The Waiteri are a tribe who have knowledge of how the apocalypse actually went down, and they protest the current evolution of Septimontium's civilization by shunning most technologies. But one or two of my Apocalators are Waiteri and are equipped with said tech. This is where the Awakened come in.

The Awaken share the same historical knowledge as the Waiteri, and similarly are not generally friendly to the common citizens of Septimontium. But the Awakened accept the current technologies, in fact, they are skilled enough to develop their own.

Since the Waiteri and Awakened are allies, the Waiteri will accept, in some instances, the technology of their sallow-skinned friends.


  1. Another superb fighter I love the open pose as well. Brilliant.

  2. He's doing the "come at me bro" pose. Looks great.

  3. "Come at me, bro!" Nice work as always, I like your mix of armour types and the weapons you design. It all ends up looking "apocalyptic... but not Mad Max", if you see what I mean.