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Monday, October 15, 2012

54mm Apocalators: The Awakened

It's easy to make a mutant, just paint the skin an unearthly color. This figure and another still on the table got the same color treatment for the skin (Foundry's Drab), so I figured I'll make a new race for my Septimontium setting. This is about as close to an "undead" race as I will have in my world.

Right now, all I have is a name: The Awaken. Perhaps they were simply humans who went into the fallout shelters, evolved there, and only recently have come back onto the land? That would explain how they're just "mutant" enough to change skin color, and why they are called the "Awaken."

And since their knowledge of the old world is better attuned to the truth, I think these will be allies of the Waiteri tribes (who also know the true nature of history.)

The concrete hammer was made with a length of brass rod and a piece of cured green stuff cut into a hammer head.

This was another case of the figure (specifically the colors) dictating the history of my setting. In this case, the dark, soft brown coupled with the cold gray, bandage padding around her leg and arm seemd to me reminiscent of a mummy. And a mummy seemed a perfect representative of the Awaken race- someone preserved through history (with a little rotting.)

Shields: I also took a quick picture of how I make my round shields for these figures. I gently press down on that ball of green stuff, making sure to keep it as perfectly round as I can. If I'm lucky, I'll have put just enough green stuff (but not too much) so that the edge of my shield will rest in that circular groove on the Games Workshop jar lid.

It's that groove that puts a nice lip on the inside of my shield. The lip of the shield on my Varro figure came out well, so eventually, you'll see it when I finish painting him.

After you've shaped the main structure of your shield, you can grab your tools and gently etch panel lines, designs, rivet holes or whatever device you want on your shield. Since mine are from the post apocalypse, I chose metal panel line with rivet holes (as seen on the fighter I posted most recently.)

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  1. Another great looking fighter, Obviously the Awaken have been shunning natural daylight and this has effected there skin.