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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

54mm Apocalators: Light Fighter Varro

Here's my representation of the ill-fated Varro from the (Starz) Spartacus series. I've outfitted him similarly as he was during his fight with Spartacus, bareheaded with sword and shield, and high greaves on both legs. (A minor difference for those sticklers who might be reading is that my Varro has switched weapon and shield hands. I've also added more of a galerus ((shoulder guard)) than the engraved lion armor seen in the TV series.)

This is my favorite of the bunch; I like that he has enough elements to fit in with my Roman gladiators. In fact, the unorthodox shield design is the only non-classical element on this figure.

The shield was made using the paint pot lid method I posted earlier this week. You can see the nice lip on the inside of the shield on the photo; this came from the groove in the paint pot lid. The rivets and panel lines were inscribed with a needle when the green stuff was fresh.

Next time I get a group of generic figures from Bronze Age, I think I will try one or two classical Roman gladiators (Thraex and Murmillo.) Though, I still need to learn how to sculpt proper gladiator helmets.