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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

54mm Apocalators: Vulgar Chain fighter

"Vulgar," for those who might remember (I didn't until reviewing old posts last night) is an apocalator class that refers to Qwik players who fight using their juggers equipment (considered vulgar equipment in fighting circles).

There are chain fighters, but the color scheme here makes it look like he belongs to a "team" of some sort, so I went with it, giving him the backstory as a Qwik player. That's two players with that yellow ochre I've painted so far in this group; maybe I should make them into a Qwik team? This figure has certainly given me some ideas on how to paint future potential Qwik players.

A couple modeling notes: The chain is a piece of jewelers chain. I "froze" it by coating it in super glue once I set the position I wanted it in. The mace head is a bit from one of my Heresy figures. The shield is another piece of plasticard that I melted, distorted and shaped using a lighter.


  1. Love the work on all this stuff! Makes me want to paint up 54s

    1. If you want to try 54, I recommend Bronze Age Miniatures (if you don't mind trying your own conversion work.) My favorite conversions (that I've seen, not perpetrated) using the Bronze Age generics were some classic series Star Trek crew.

      If you only want to paint some 54s, I recommend Black Cat Miniatures ( Limited selection (Romans, Ancient Germans, gladiators, a few Napoleonics and ACW), but the price is right.

  2. Another superb build, love the colours very nice.