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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Frother's Cthluedo figure

I don't what this one is called, but this is one of the figures from the Frothers forum sculpting competition from last year; the theme was cthuhlu mythos figures for use in a Cluedo-type game.

This one was straight forward: I only used three triads (all Foundry paints) - Storm Blue, Yellow Ochre and Bay (?) Brown. I also inked the yellow to help better define the tentacles.

Other stuff: I discovered (through Kings Miniatures blogspot) Proxie Models bases. These look fairly interesting -- something a little different than the usual lipped and/or slotta bases. They seem to be a lipped base but with a much more shallow aspect topped with a little more area on the top to allow more space for scenery or for those wide-stanced figures.

I've ordered a couple packs of bases to check'em out. I'll let ya know.


  1. The king in mustard, I like it. Any chance of a link to the original posts on teh forums? I'd like to see what else was done.

    1. Since I'm not a member, this is as close as I can get you- scroll down tot he Development forums, and there seems to be a Cthluedo thread there:

  2. The limited palette makes this paint job look almost "cel-shaded", and very eye-catching. I like it.

    Proxie models looks like a great little company, I really need to buy some of their 15mm buildings/ruins at some point... just to paint up and put in my display cabinet :)

  3. That is a great paintjob, you have done fantastic work!

  4. Really nice paint job on that.

    Would you mind if I used it to promote the mini? Ed Fortae has allowed me to add it to my new company Mythos Foundry and it is on our Kickstarter:

    Unfortunately he doesn't have a decent pic of it.

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