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Friday, October 12, 2012

54mm Apocalators: Mutant Executioner

No, not one who executes mutants, but a mutant who executes everyone else. This conversion came out good for me, and I'm happy with the choice of skin/tentacle colors.

I think I'll go back and redo the loin cloth in a different color however. I tried it in off-white (granite) as well as this French gray color, and I don't like either. I think I'll go for a yellow ochre to contrast heavily with the blue; I don't want him to be too colorful, but I still want the loin cloth to contrast with the surrounding colors. I might also try red or reddish brown.)

Last minor thing to do to this figure to finish him off will be to add a couple grass tufts; the PVA/white glue hasn't quite dried yet.


  1. Another beauty. I agree with the change in loin cloth color. Right now it looks like he's sloughing off skin.