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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pantheon vs. Pantheon!

copyright: Comfy Chair Games
Ok, ok, ok- You're all probably sick of me talking about Kick Starter projects ("Dammit, Carmen, paint something!") But I'd like to mention this one (which I haven't backed .. yet?)

It's called Dominion of the Gods, and it's a skirmish game using miniatures (mostly LARGE minis) representing the deities of well-known pantheons. For now, only the Greek and Norse are available, but as the Kick Starter progresses, it looks like there are plans to add pantheons for Celts, Cthulu Mythos (Specifically related to Innsmouth) and Hindus (oh boy, fun!)

The figures are looking great so far. The cyclops is massive, and the minotaur looks like a great sculpt -- just a bit of the old-school sculpt (a good thing) with a nice dynamic pose.

And what a marvelous array of great sculptors they have on board: Gene Van Horne, Patrick Keith, Vlad Junger, Tim Prow, Bobby Jackson, and Jason Wiebe (one of my favorites).

It's difficult for me to find opponents with minis games, so if I end up backing this project, it would simply be for the figures. But the figures (like all figures) are usable for other games. Most likely, mine would get used in D&D sessions.


  1. I used to have a game called "Playing Gods" that came with some decent deity figures... though it was a mite inconsistent as they left out a lot of good ones (Norse, Greek/Roman, Babylonian, Asian) in order to take cheap shots at Christianity and Islam (sorry guys, Moses and Mohammed are not considered gods). At any rate, I like the looks of this one much more. Maybe if you get your hands on the "Gatling gun Buddha" (also not a god, sheesh, but at least funny) figure from the other game it might fit into this one somehow ;)

  2. I like the cyclops. He looks a little like the one in the Disney HERCULES animated movie.

  3. I'm considering this one myself and I'd be in it just for the sculpts myself. My concerns about this one is that it is geared completely towards buying box sets. No add-ons seem to be available to just buy individual figures.

  4. Hey, thats the most charismatic cyclops after Leela from Futurama!