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Friday, May 17, 2013

42mm Ninja conversions/wip

Just a quick update to show that I've began the ninja conversions. I've sculpted hands directly onto the weapons, a spear and a short composite bow.

The ninja at back, throwing the shuriken, also has a bow case added to his back. Later I'll file away the throwing star so it looks like the ninja has just released an arrow.

The ninja to the right has had his hands cut away to allow for a fit of the spear hands.

I love Steve Barber's ninja, especially for their diversity in armaments; these two conversions will add only more variety ... and fun


  1. Yes, diversity is good... you don't want some a**hole showing up with a kusaribuki or some weird thing, and having no guy who can fight him :)

  2. Nice. Your conversions are a delight to see. And one can learn from your labors. Thanks.