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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

42mm Samurai: Next group under way

Just a small update showing the progress on my latest batch of Steve Barber's 42mm miniatures.
Nothing too special about thee conversions. I've added beards and bushy mustaches to one of the peasants and samurai (ronin.) And everybody has had their weapons replaced with my self-made brass armaments.

On my ronin, I've filed the pointy shoulders off his kataginu so that he's only wearing the kimono. The way the sculpt is made required a couple holes to be filled in with green stuff. (The holes were not a molding error- they were just left over after my filing process.)

I had an extra straw hat, so I slung it on the back of one of my peasants. The other peasant (with shiny new axe, perhaps black market trade from China?) has a very rough (perhaps he self-made it) tatami mat rolled up and slung on his back; this was a spur-of-the-moment addition since I had some leftover green stuff. The axe-wielding peasant has also had his head removed and rotated just slightly to provide some variety.

These were the easy conversions. The tough conversions will come later (when I find time again between work hours). I have a couple ninja. One of them will be getting a yari (spear), while the other will be getting a short bow. The tough part will be sculpting new hands to accommodate the new weapons.

After a couple measurements, I'll be sculpting the hands right onto the weapons (and not to the ninjas themselves ... yet), and then pinning the hands/weapons to the ninjas. This way, the weapons will provided structure around which I can form the green stuff. This will also help keep the hands aligned on the yari-armed ninja (as long as I measure correctly.)

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  1. I look forward to seeing this next batch come together. The facial hair is a nice way to add some variety.