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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Maybe it's time for samurai again

I've finished converting cars for the time being, and have been wondering what to do next.
In the meantime, I've been reading the Japanese epic "Musashi." It's been a pretty good read so far, enough for me to dig out my samurai and think about new scenario ideas (though, with Musashi, most scenarios involve one badass against a bunch of ronin; or one badass against another guy who thinks he's badass at a martial arts school.)

In any case, I put in another small order at Steve Barber Models. I'm going to pick up a couple more ninja and see about trying to arm them differently than they already are. I'm not sure how these conversion will go; they feel a touch ambitious for my skills, but I figure I might as well try.

I'm also picking up a couple more of the unarmored samurai. One of whom will get his haori filed off so that he's just a ronin wearing a kimono, which I will paint in muted colors to reflect cheap fabric (itself to be skirted in mud.) I'm not sure what to do with the other samurai; I may just give him a different head rotation than the original (which is easy; this particular figure comes with his head separate.) Maybe I'll throw a beard on one of them (I guess the ronin should have the beard.)

I'm also picking up a couple more peasants, mostly because you can never have too many peasants.


  1. Fantastic looking Samurais, colors are really impresive!

    1. Thanks, Phil,
      If you do a search for "42mm samurai" on my blog, you'll find much more than just on this post :)

  2. beautiful work, cars or samurais, the colors are always very well chosen!

  3. Superb! Flawless painting on these fine figures. Best, Dean

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  5. It's _always_ time for your nice Japanese minis.

  6. Long haori jackets were originally worn by the samurai class during the Edo period in Japan (1603-1868). Today they are still commonly found in both traditional and modern fashion styles, with some designs featuring unique materials such as cotton or linen.