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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

All Things Zombie at Indigogo

Just a heads up, Two Hour Wargames has put up Final Fade Out- the final edition of All Things Zombie over at Indiegogo. The goal has been set low ($5,000,) so it should get funded.

If you're not familiar with Two Hour Wargames rules, I suggest downloading the free Chain Reaction rules; these use the same mechanics as the All Things Zombies rules.

The Indiegogo campaign is not only for rules but also for 15mm figures and cards. The cards each represent a building, so with 50-card decks, that's a lot of different buildings to build your cities and towns. Anyway- that's just from a quick skim of the page at Indiegogo.

For those not familiar with Indiegogo (but have used Kickstarter), it's a crowdfunding site where you offer startup money toward a project. If the project earns enough of that startup money, it will get published (or the figures will get produced, or CD made -- depending on what kind of project it is.)

Indiegogo is different from Kickstarter in that there are a couple different kinds of campaigns (fixed, where a goal must be reached, and Flexible where the project will happen regardless of how much money had been raised.) Indiegogo is available internationally AND supports Paypal (a couple of the more common gripes about Kickstarter).

And no, we haven't forgotten about the Machinas crowdfunder. Ed wanted to do either Machinas or ATZ first as a test run. If it goes well, others will follow!


  1. Not played ATZ, but love the whole THW system, having bought many of their rules sets. It is the only type of game I play now - nice one ;)

  2. Me too- I enjoy their rules mostly because I can play them true solo; my friends rarely play minis games.

    I also enjoy that the systems are generic enough to convert them to other settings (I like using Red Sand Black Moon to play samurai duels.)