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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

42mm samurai: Seven Samurai?

Well, not quite seven samurai, but I realized I at least have enough figures to protect at least one of the entryways into the village, so here's a pic for you all to enjoy.

I think I could honestly spend the money for enough peasants and samurai, and take the time to do all the conversions to put together a good village army (as well as some bandits). Really, the only thing stopping me is space (I'd need to build a few more buildings, too); I live in a small apartment. Well, if I win a nice lottery, I'll buy a home with a dedicated "Seven Samurai" room.

Hmm, I was out of ideas for unarmored samurai conversions. But I haven't looked at Steve Barber's armored variants in a while. I wonder what kind of bandits I could cobble together?


  1. Fantastic shot! Love your work here. Best, Dean

  2. Great picture. I think a seven samurai themed game sounds like just the ticket.

  3. I'll gladly make space in our game room for your stuff! :)

  4. "Huh!" * sticks hand out of his kimono and tugs scruffy beard appreciatively *