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Sunday, February 7, 2010

28mm Biohazard trooper from Copplestone

Ok, apologies for not getting started on the Japanese house yet. I need to get some illustration or mat board and there is a foot of snow outside, so no goin's for a bit. I also need to look at my plans and figure how much and what sizes of (bass) wood I'll need; I want to approach this house a little more empirically than I have in the past. But I'll get to it.

In the mean time, I really wanted to change gears to relax my brain, so I (finally) grabbed this nice little Biohazard trooper from Copplestone Castings' Future Wars range. It's a lot smaller than those samurai, but he was just as easy to paint; it's a simple figure without a lot of extra detail, but I also credit Copplestone's sculpting skill. I've always said he sculpts figures for painters.

I have a squad of these guys waiting to be painted, and as fast as this one went (about an hour and a half including breaks), I think they'll go pretty quick. Or I may paint something else that's been sitting around. Essentially, after I've completed a relatively larger project (such as the samurai) my painting gets a little bit of attention deficit disorder- I just don't know what to paint- I grab something paint it, then go to something else- prime it - purchase another figure- announce plans for a big project- don't paint for three weeks- and so on. For now, I'm happy I got this fella painted.

Another quick note: The fuel tanks were made from greenstuff as was the hose. I got the base from Antenociti.
This figure and his squad mates will be used as alternative player figures for playing Doom the boardgame.

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  1. The green-stuff sculpts have come out well. I would have assumed that they were part of the figure if you had not indicated otherwise.
    Well done.