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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

42mm samurai: Ashigaru charging with yari

Well, here's the last of the ashigaru for a while. Just one samurai left on the table, and he's not too far from completion.

A little bird told me Steve has finished sculpting a samurai standing with a yari and that some ikko-ikki are in the works. Ok, it wasn't a bird, Steve Barber himself mentioned it in his Yahoo group. When that samurai (and maybe one or two ikko-ikki) go on sale, I'll be putting in another order. Until then, I'll be finishing up a couple Wings of War planes (I won't post those; I'm just doing a quick drybrush of light brown over the minis to kill the toy-like gloss finish and add a touch of weathering. I'll also take a quick inventory and try to finish up one or two random pieces. I have some Reaper, a couple Heresy figures I was going to paint up as civilian-clothed Ghostbusters, some Copplestone Future Wars bio troopers, Games Workshop Warhammer Empire troops, D&D prepainted figures, etc.

Or I could start that Japanese house for the samurai to fight for, in and around. It's been a while since I've built anything.


  1. Been following your plog for quite some time, although 'til now it's been silently..
    Your projects are outstanding, and it's really been a joy and boost of inspiration to watch you finish miniature after miniature.
    If I may have any say in what you should do next, it'd be either to build that japanese house, or to paint up some more soldiers for the Empire in Warhammer. Either way, thanks for sharing!

  2. Go Japanese House, go Japanese house, go Japanese house! (In an American football style)

    Just my thoughts.

    all the best Airhead