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Saturday, February 20, 2010

54mm Gladiators: Assembly mostly done

So I have most of the gladiators assembled (save for a secutor and an unarmored captive.) I still need to clean off a few small mold lines, fill some gaps and sculpt a couple horsehair crests with greenstuff. The figures second from left and third from right in the pic will be receiving those crests.

A quick note: I figured out how to make my own trident with brass rod (seen at far right in the picture). I simply took a short length of hammered-out rod, sharpened the ends, folded it to look like a giant brass staple, drilled a hole in the center and ran a sharpened rod through it (a scrap spear I had sitting around, actually), glue and done. I added a pre-cured ring of greenstuff at the base of the trident head to help stabilize it.


  1. Wow Carmen, I know you haven't even painted them yet, but the patience you must have to bend and shape all that brass!
    I'm a lazy bugger if there ever was one, now you make me feel bad!

    I look forward to seeing them painted mate.


  2. I do enjoy a little bit of brass-smithing :)