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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

54mm Gladiators: Hoplomachus

Oh yeah, these are soooo easy to paint! The only problem I want to improve on (and something I've always had aproblem with) is getting the paint smoother when I paint on the skin tones; I think the problem is my Foundry basecoat is a bit thin, so I have to put on a couple layers of it, but I do it with impatience. What happens then is that the wet second layer "wrinkles" a tacky first layer and it only gets worse from there. So a small lesson for everyone: Wait for the first layer to dry! Now I just need to adhere to my own lesson...

This model originally held a dagger in his shield hand (which is historically accurate) but I removed it with the intention of replacing it with my own blade, but the area ended up too difficult to use the pen vise. I'm still happy with the figure, though.

Hoplomachus derives its name from the Greek word "hoplon" (weapon). Its armor consist of a high-crested helmet, a pair of ocreae (I just call'em high greaves) and quilted padding over his legs and weapon arm. He carries a small round shield and a spear (to mimic the greek hoplon for which he is named.) He also would carry a small dagger in his shield hand (in case he lost his spear.) The normal opponent of the hoplomachus would be the murmillo (next on the painting table), though he might also pair up against a thraex who was similarly armored but differently armed (in fact, I may purchase another copy of this figure so that I can have another thraex by simply switching his spear for a sword.)

For this whole project, I think I will paint the figures in their combat pairings, for example: The secutor usually fought the retiarius, so I'll paint those one right after the other. This hoplomachus usually fought the murmillo, so I am painting a murmillo next.

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