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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

And what do I REALLY want to paint?

40mm gladiators. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of options for large scale, good-quality gladiator sculpts out there. Sure, I could go 54mm, but I want something that doesn't cost as much as a regiment of 28mm figures.

I see that Trident makes some, but those just aren't quality enough for me. There was another manufacturer, though I can't remember the name of the company (from New Zealand, but now out of business I believe.)
What I want is something the quality of Foundry's gladiator range, but at 40-42mm.

Talking in my dreams: If I should win the lottery, I would commission one of the following sculptors for my gladiators: Copplestone, Steve Barber, HLBS, Sash and Saber, or the Perrys. All of them have a reputation for historical, good quality and large-scale figures. Copplestone and Steve Barber, in fact, have sculpted gladiators before, though at 25-28mm sizes. I want 15 to 20 figures, two or three each of the main classes of gladiators, including a couple provocators and samnites, plus Charon, Mercury and a referee, and perhaps, further down the line, a venator or two with some lions and tigers and bears -- --.

That's what I REALLY would like to be painting right now. Oh well, I better go finish those bio-hazard troopers before they get put back on a shelf.

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  1. I was also looking for cool Gladiator miniatures. Unfortunately what is available is also usually below my expactations....

    So I may eventually end up using some of these plastic miniatures from Ceasar, which are not excellent too, but at least worth their price.