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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Reaper Monk (3205) with minor conversion

I've done one of these figures already (back in July '09. You can see him here). The last version I painted up as an eastern monk, taking away his iron club and replacing it with a walking stick/staff.
I've cut away the iron club from this one as well, replacing it with a longspear (greatspear for D&D.)

I liked how this one turned out; I wanted to paint him up and muted colors (no reds, yellows, blues etc) to emphasize his humble nature for whatever character he may play.

The robe is Foundry's Storm Green, and the hood is Bay Brown. I used most of my multitude of Foundry browns to paint all of his straps, satchels and luggage. His big-ass spear is my favorite part. It's just a piece of brass rod, hammered out and clipped for the point. The wrappings were simply painted on, there are no actual wrappings- just one long piece of brass rod.

So that's three posts and 5 figures painted in one day. Not bad. Time to take a break from painting; I have three long days of work coming up. Newspaper never sleeps!

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  1. sorry...late to the party.

    i really like this mini a lot-great conversion and as usual, great paint job.

    do you sell any of these minis? i'd love to know if you do!