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Sunday, February 28, 2010

54mm Gladiators: Secutor

This figure felt a little more routine to paint. I spruced this one up a bit with a shield design; I chose a hippocampus (seahorse) to follow the theme of the secutor as a fish who the retiarius is trying to net. I think the remaining gladiators also will get basic shield designs.

The secutor is simply a modified murmillo, only having a differing helmet which was specialized to not be ensnared by the net of the retiarius, the secutor's only (known) opponent. The helmet covered the entire head and only had two eye holes for vision and air circulation (though some air could come up through the neck space.) There are archeological specimens of this helmet with a hinged face plate.

There is a lesser-known modified version of the secutor called the scissore. The scissore didn't have the large scutum shield, but instead, had a manica going along the arm into a large gauntlet than covered the entire forearm. This gauntlet was tipped with a fixed, crescent-shaped blade (the scissor) which could be used to cut the scissore from a net if he should be ensnared.
To further make up for a lack of shield, the scissore wore a long coat of scale or chain mail.

I plan on ordering another secutor miniature which I will convert into a scissor. I'm not ready to sculpt any kind of mail armor yet, so I'll probably just paint his torso to look like shaped leather armor.


  1. Hi,
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  2. Sure, Stephane. You can use anything from my blog you want.

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  4. I will take a look when it gets posted! And French is OK. I can read French just fine. (I can speak and write it too, but not as well.)

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