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Thursday, March 29, 2012

FFG Repaint Prepaints: Dark Young

In the end, I finally decided to use a simple palette for this dark young. But I kept with the theme of an earthy color (the dark green body) and an "ethereal" color (the sky blue tentacle tips.)\

All these figures painted up really fast (all done in two days.) I'm putting together my next order. So far, that list only includes a Mi-go and a proto-shoggoth. I may add the Dunwich horror as well as a Yithian (my favorite of all the Lovecraftian creatures).


  1. Niiiice. A truly abominable assemblage, and a great job refurbishing some prepaints.

    I'm glad someone else appreciates the race of Yith, by the way. Some people find them silly, or at least silly-looking :O But I love the job RAFM did on their Yithian figure - mine is posted here (and at CMON).

  2. Sweet- love your Yithian! (And I love RAFM's whole mythos collection) My FFG Yithian just arrived this afternoon, though I'm still not sure what colors to paint it; is there a description of their color in any of Lovecraft's literature? (I don't remember one in Shadows.)

    1. Thanks :) As for colours, mine follows the description in the text as closely as I could: grey limb tentacles, red sensory cluster, yellow and green head. The cone body is described as "iridescent" so that required a bit of artistic license on my part. I wouldn't recommend iridescent paint, for some reason ;)