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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Paranormal Investigators: Cops

I guess no paranormal investigation would be complete without a meddling sheriff and his skeptical deputy.

I kept these two fellas good and simple, choosing police blue over state trooper beige. A little bit of gray highlight to the black pants, and a couple nice stripes finished these two off quite easily.

I still haven't ordered the second round of Fantasy Flight Games monsters. The company isn't shipping until next week, so I'm gonna wait a bit.

In the mean time, I still have a few figures on the table - a doctor (I'm enjoying the odd random modern figure), a cultist (fantasy version, but could easily pass for modern), and an apprentice wizard figure (just a kid carrying some books, but still a quaint little figure.)

I like doing these modern civilian figures; they'll add some good flexibility to Cthulhu mythos RPGing. That, and they're a lot easier to paint and choose colors for. Reaper's Chronoscope line has been slowly satisfying that niche for me, and at a rate that I can afford. I hope they add some unarmed business types soon- need that guy from the EPA.

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