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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

FFG Repaint Prepaints: Wailing writher

Oh boy, this was fun, and probably about the most disturbing thing I've painted. I didn't know what color to use, so I used a bunch of colors.

This effect is actually easy to do. First of all, everything (but the details in the mouths) is drybrushed. Start with your base shades of each color, painting and blending them. THAT is the hard part.

As long as you blended your base shades well, everything else will come together just fine. For each color, simply drybrush each successive highlight in a smaller and smaller area, centered on your base shade. That's it.

Once all the main colors were painted, I went ahead and painted all the mouths and teeth (which took a while, and was a tad tedious.) I chose these colors for similar reasons as the crawling one painted earlier; some colorful shades to represent the ethereal, and regular human colors for the mouths (the business end of this monster.)


  1. Wow! Great blending, color selection and figure...and so freaky! I don't want to look at this too long or it'll end up in my dreams!

  2. Fantastic, I have been searching for this mini in the UK, no luck.

    1. You might be able to order it direct from Fantasy Flight Games, in fact, that's the only place I've seen it.