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Friday, March 16, 2012

Mansions of Madness: A few repaints

Ok, these aren't really "re"paints since they came unpainted anyway. These figures belong to my friend Charlie, but he let me practice on them before I make my own purchase of some of the prepainted monsters over at Fantasy Flight, which I will indeed "re"paint.

These were 90% drybrushing. Only the eyes of the shoggoths and the eyes and mouths of the hounds of Tindalos were not drybrushed. And as requested by Charlie, I gloss varnished the tentacles on the chthonians.

By the way, has anyone seen the new prepainted Arkham/Mansion monsters over at Fantasy Flight Games? Go check'em out. Not the best sculpts in the world, but the price is right. I look forward to getting a few things: Yithian, Elder thing, dark young, crawling one and a wailing writher are in my shopping cart now.
You can see the beasties here.


  1. I love all your repaints I dub thee King O Drybrush. My drybrushing skills are pants.


  2. Fantastic Shoggoth, one of the best I have seen.

  3. Fantastic Shoggoth, one of the best I have seen.

  4. Hi, how to achieve this blue-violet-grey color?

    1. Start with light blue, then add a little white for each following layer. The effect can further be enhanced by making the rest of the figure a drab color, providing extra contrast.