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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

42mm Samurai: Almost ready to paint

I wanted to show one last shot of the converted figures before I primed and readied them for painting. Jackets are done, weapons affixed and bows are strung. I gave them short yari more for convenience of maneuvering the figures easily on the table during a skirmish.

I still have to make a couple sashimono for a couple other figures I'm repainting for my red bushi, then time to prime!

And dammit- every time I get a batch of these samurai, I think to myself, "Well, these are the last ideas I have on how I can convert these figures." But no, I have more ideas now; I'm contemplating putting together a sohei warband. Maybe I'll start by stripping the paint on one of my older samurai first, then seeing if I can indeed add the longer robes of a warrior monk to the figure ....


  1. Really turning out nice. I like the addition of bow strings.

  2. Wow - fantastic mods to some great figures. Best, Dean

    1. Thanks- I'm discovering that I like to modify/convert figures just as much as painting them.

  3. Those look really, really good. The jackets were a good idea.