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Thursday, June 6, 2013

42mm Samurai: Lord Kaage wip continued

Here's Kaage Kazuhito with all the conversion work finished. It's rough in a couple spots, but not so bad that some good paint will hide it. I like this pose, it fits the sweep of that large sword. I don't know why I hadn't seen this possibility earlier (with the sword that is).

I still have a bunch of work for the rest of his guards: Clean up, bows (and bowstrings?), haori jackets, bases. It's taking a little longer than usual, but that was intentional; I enjoy converting and painting, especially the samurai, so I purposely bought a good number of figures (without going overboard) and challenged myself to a new level of sculpting, all so that this project would simply last a little longer.

In the mean time, my lead mountain grew yet again: I already have some figures from the Low Life kickstarter, and today, I received figures from Cast in Ruin, which are some Gamma World-inspired figures. I haven't even gotten them out of their packages yet (I'm enjoying my samurai too much.) It'll be days and says of priming once everything is cleaned and/or converted.

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