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Friday, September 27, 2013

42mm archer priest

Here's my sohei/ikko ikki archer priest all painted up. The yellow is Foundry's Yellow Ochre triad (with some brown wash.) I tried out a recommendation of Foundry's Spearshaft triad for the skin. Maybe just a touch dark for my taste, but it's easy enough to explain away: This priest is always outside ... shooting arrows and such.

Painting shaved heads like this is one easy: Just do the whole head up in your flesh colors, then, using a medium gray, paint the hairline and fill in the rest of the hair right over your flesh colors. You can highlight the hair by adding your flesh highlight to the gray. The more flesh highlight you add, the thinner the hair will appear to be (great for adding thinning/balding spots.) It's also a great technique for painting light beards or 5 o'clock shadow.

This was a fun mini to paint! All the wrinkles were easy to paint. There weren't a lot of accessories to deal with. The face is well structured/sculpted allowing an easy time with the brush. I recommend this figure for beginners (though, there is a little assembly required with the supplied bow. You might pin the two bow halves. The head is also a separate piece but has a nice socket design.)

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