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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Swashbucklers: The Captain arrives

Captain Blake seeks to return a favor.
Captain Blake surveyed the startlingly empty square. Though, it was strange for none of the town denizens to be out and about, the captain only had one thought at the front of his mind.

"He said he would meet us here at 3 bells!"

"No worries, Captain," said Williams, the first mate. "I'm sure he did not forget your appointment."

"I only hope the Sicilian is still alive," replied Captain Blake. "I would never forgive myself if he died before I could repay his favor."

"Shall I send back to the ship for the gold now, sir?"

The captain assented with a barely perceptible nod. Then he motioned for his matchlock men to come forward.
"Light your matches and keep a sharp eye out. The Don's men may be nearby."
The captain scanned the square with this gunners, and he pondered why the Sicilian would only ask for two small chests of gold.

"We owe him more than just gold. He saved my entire ship and crew from destruction, so why does he only ask for the gold?"


  1. Yes indeed. I especially like the look of the swordman on the left. I bet he's swashed some buckles in his day!

  2. Those are great, I did some of those a while ago and if you like them try looking for 7th sea miniatures they work well together but are hard to fine.