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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dreadball: Orc and Corp teams

I figured since I was painting a bunch of old unpainted stuff, I best finish up my Dreadball teams before they got too old, too.

Here are Bigz's Scrappers (orcs) and the Gamma Blues (corp.) The Scrappers I painted just as their name  implies; all of their armor is old rusted scraps of iron gathered from who knows where.
I did a few of the figures in the cliche green, but others I did in my favorite goblin yellow (and one gray orc.)

Since I already have my favorite Iotacorp Rockets team, I decided to go ahead and speed-paint my other human team. They were essentially going to be my "Washington Generals" team that I'd let other players borrow and such.

I started by painting each entire figure dark blue. Then I brushed/drybrushed successive highlights higher and higher on the figure, completing each one with a white faceplate and gem-red accents. For having been speed-painted, I kind of like my new team. Since my other two teams each have a star player painted in their colors, I think I'll add Gabe to the Blues. I have a few other star players, though they'll all probably get individual paint schemes.

Hopefully, some new poses (and keepers) will be in the mail from Mantic (the makers of Dreadball) soon. I'll simply beef up the rosters of my three teams. I have no plans to get any more teams. Which is OK; I still have a crap-ton of Bones figures to paint.

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