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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Swashbucklers: The Spanish

Don Alejandro orders his men to find the renegade.
The don slapped his man, "Curse you and your bumbling, Ernesto! Tear this town apart and find that renegade, the one they call 'El Siciliano!'"

Ernesto, the master swordsman, and his cohorts ran through the town, from dawn until late in the afternoon, past the fountains, down streets and through alleys, finally emerging at the far corner of the market square. Their scornful leader had scheduled the rendezvous for a report. He regarded his men with punitive glares.

"Well, fools?! Where is he?" thundered the don.

The Sicilian reveals himself!
"Looking for me, Don Alejandro?" belted out a voice from the crowd. It was El Siciliano! "ha-HAA! Have at you, fiends!"

And the Sicilian and the Spaniards he had once called comrades drew their long blades, flashing sunlight throughout the market square, a signal that blood was about to spill and for the citizens of Castello to clear the square.

Don Alejandro positioned himself behind his men. "You will not survive this day, bastardo. And after I kill you, I will have the hand of Francesca de Morella. Ha ha ha haaa!"


  1. very nice figures !
    excellent painting job!

  2. "Hola, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die."

  3. Great work, these espaƱoles have a terrific aspect ;-)

  4. spanish minis

  5. Hey, everybody- The web address given by Dannnn here is not spam. I recommend you have a look at the Dies Irae line on his blog. Amazing stuff. A little more pricey, but the figures have a lot of character.