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Monday, September 30, 2013

Remember the Mutie Beauty? (Not safe for work)

It's just a Hot Wheel. The pics below are real.

Well, a few months ago, a fellow named James got a hold of me, and having been inspired by my driving fortress, asked if he could build a full-size copy for Wasteland Weekend.

No way in hell was I going to say no to that.

Well, he built it. And it is simply amazing. Right down to the pin-up art on the hood.
I feel so honored that they did this.
Anyway, I pulled some photos from Wasteland Weekend's FB page (I hope the WW folks don't mind.)

James said they didn't have time to finish everything just yet (there's still the turret to do,) but what they've done is sweet as all holy hell. (I LOVE the pin-up art they have.)

Also, here's a link to a video of the vehicle line-up they had at Wasteland Weekend. Mutie Beauty id around the 1:12 mark:

The Oppenheimer smiles on the Rust Devils!!