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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Just another look at some samurai

The Ronin, left, decide the Sword School has overstepped its bounds.
Steve Barber has some new samurai about to go into production, so I thought I'd parade out most of my collection again. Most of these have some conversion work; all of them at least have new weapons I've pounded out on the anvil (my usual M.O.)

I look forward to the new (unarmored) samurai; I commissioned Steve to do a multipart samurai which will take different heads or arms. (I also commissioned a couple famous faces to go with the new samurai.) Now that the body is paid for and sculpted, I can commission smaller things such as new arms, heads and weapons for the new torso (I even have an idea or two for civilians using this torso.) I can also do the reverse and commission a new torso to fit the new arms and heads. Lots of choices, lots of ideas, but I better save up some money first.

Missing in the following series of photos are my Red and Kaage factions. I packed those up for now to get them out of the way, so that I can maybe get in an unarmored skirmish or two with the Sword School and the ronin. A happy side note: My Reds and Kaages each easily fit into a Chessex case. I like figures that have easy-to-find protected space in case I need to move or pack things. The Reds and Kaages are also still for sale ($400 for all of them- close to 30x 42mm figures.)

Zombies: I haven't quit. I ran out of primer, so I can't try out a couple ideas yet. I'm also still weighing storage options before I launch into full-scale painting. Honestly, I think the new samurai will come first.
(But I'm still taking feedback and questions on black and white painting. The zombies are not abandoned.)

The sword school (plus one)
The peasants
The ronin
The ninja
The monks


  1. Great work on those Samurai, peasants, ninja, ronin and monks. Kudos. Maybe look at KR for pick and pluck trays.

  2. Great looking figures (peasants and Ronin are my favourites), and beautiful pictures too!