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Sunday, December 29, 2013

WIP: Samurai and Rocket Racers

Here's what I've been working on the past couple days. I've assembled my new 42mm samurai by Steve Barber. This is my latest commission, multipart samurai with a couple different heads and a couple sets of arms (one set for sword and one for polearms.) The arms are a bit of a rough fit, but some basic modelling skills is all you need to get them together (a little bit of filing and a touch of greenstuff.) But the effort will yield a bunch of nice figures.

The four standing figures in the photo are all using the same torso with the different heads and arms. The monk (with the naginata) was made using the head from the archer figure. These should be fun to paint.

Next up are some rocket bikes by Bombshell Miniatures (designed and sculpted by industry veteran Patrick Kieth.) These are resin models with pewter figures. These are actually my first all-resin models, and they were quite easy to work with; as you can see, I converted the model into a few different variants, mostly by assembling different engine arrangements.

I'm working on a variant of Charioteer/Machinas for racing rockets through space, so these will be getting some racing colors. I'd like to get sponsorship decals, but I'd have to find some in 1/72 scale; these are small ships (true 28mm it looks like.) These will also be fun to paint!

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