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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Warming up the rockets

I ordered a few of these:

I'll be using a home-brew set of THW's Charioteer rules to race the new rockets. No shooting, no ramming; addition of aerobraking, planetary sling-shots, dodging asteroids; pure rocket racing. Should be fun.

Since these are a more retro design, I was thinking of doing them in black and white. Maybe. Though, I think I prefer color this time around.
By the way, these are available at Bombshell Miniatures.

Other news: No samurai yet. I think they got caught up in holiday mail and/or by U.S. Customs. Patience is the word.


  1. NASCAR colours ? If you're gonna race them. I'd write "Kick the tyres and light the fires" but those things don't have any tyres.

  2. I think I'll go full color. Mostly because I at least want to do one of these in my old 523rd Squadron colors:

    Along those (NASCAR) lines though, I'd love to get some decals of sponsors and corporate logos to put on these rockets. Though, I've never used decals before, and I'm a little intimidated.

    1. WOT ? They make it easier, evilcartoonist ! I'd imagine that something like that two-blocks-of-colour cadmium yellow and sea grey, also in other combinations on the other rockets, would work really well with some numbers and sponsors logos etc.

      Now, I know you like to do things properly, so basically what I do is gloss varnish (better surface for the waterslide decals), apply the decal and then seal with another layer of gloss varnish. I then matt varnish over that (40K tanks). You could look at auto sol and auto set (I think those are the names [?]); which are media to make the waterslide decals bend around surfaces (ie contour over rivets etc) and then keep that shape. There's loadsa stuff out there on the interweb. Hey, even i can do it !

      I'll looking forward to seeing the racin' rockets !

  3. I found a couple nice tutorials on youtube that also explained the sol and auto-set. I'll at least try to put some numbers on the rockets. Maybe a logo or some pin-up art. My choices on decals might be limited because I'd prefer to find some in one of the hobby shops in town (so I can see, in person, how large they are compared to my rockets.)

  4. Replies
    1. They were nice and easy to put together, too. I enjoyed working on them. Next step is priming.