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Friday, December 20, 2013

Zombivor prototypes

Here are my first zombivors. It was a simple solution to merge my full-color survivors with my monochromatic zombies: Simply take out all the skin color.

I won't get to the rest of the zombivors anytime soon; I still have some samurai on the way, and I still need to get some figure cases to store all the zombie stuff. (I'm looking at the APC carriers at Portable Warfare.) One of these days, I'll actually get around to playing my copies of Zombicide (though, honestly, I also got a lot of this stuff to play All Things Zombie.)

I also finally -- FINALLY got my Low Life miniatures primed and ready to paint. Now, I just need to get back in the mood to paint those little weirdos.


  1. Great looking the first two ones!

  2. Look great as always.

    I do so love this project. :)

  3. So, I missed your question back to me until today. If you didn't find the answer until now, the APC's fit 72 models with 30mm bases. Each of these models requires four bits of pluck foam to be pulled, and I stagger the rows back and forth by one square in order to give it a little more strength.

    1. Great- thanks for the reply. When they're back in stock, I think I will get the 5-pack; I have a few other things that need to be stored away. And good idea to stagger the rows; I would have never thought about that.

    2. I'm glad I could help! I like their products a lot, and own a couple of their bags in addition to the APCs. If they made bigger bags for army based games I'd probably be all over those as well. They're all very well thought out.

      I don't know that staggering them is necessary, I may have been a bit paranoid. If you go with plucking spaces for 72 there will be one per row that is open to the cardboard on one side. It wasn't an issue for me, though it may be for other people.

  4. Those look fantastic! Having played zombicide, I suggest painting the bases on the zombivors for easy identification on the table. And the old womans head is supposed to be on fire.

  5. Came here via another blog (EndTransmission), looking for Zombicide paintjobs. I was not disappointed ^^
    And then I spent another hour perusing the rest of your blog. Amazing stuff here, great source of inspiration, especially as I also have Bones to paint beside my Zombicide hordes. LOVE the monochrome palettes! Superb idea! I was thinking of something similar. Monochrome skintones + bases in corresponding colours, with different colour clothes, but in a matching palette (not too clashing). Makes them a lot easier to identify.

  6. great job, can't wait to see some bat-reps once you get yourself into some games. The mix of the mon-chromatic and colour works a treat!