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Saturday, December 7, 2013

The old days: Man O'War (SOLD)

I finally got my copy of Man O'War back home. It had been in storage at my parent's house, but they're moving soon, so I had to evacuate a few things.

I'm only showing this because I plan on selling it all. A friend of mine (who just opened his new shop a couple weeks ago) consigns stuff and only takes a moderate cut, so I'll be selling all of my Man O'War stuff through him.

Update: One lucky person took the long trip to pick these up (Thanks, bud!)
Thank you to everyone for looking!


  1. The airfare procludes me from your sale. You really are selling them too cheap. Yet I do appreciate the fragility of the models. Have fun.

  2. Great looking collection there; just be sure you want to sell them before you actually do so. Good luck if you do decide to sell. :)

  3. Beautiful stuff! You should be asking a lot more. A lot more.

  4. I have the interest and ability to get it picked up. But alas. I already have all my man war stuff. Really is way too cheap.

    1. ... And I already have a sail pending (pun!)
      Too cheap for sure. But I believe in fair pricing, especially if someone is willing to drive the miles. I'll miss the ships, but I still have the memories of all those games so many years ago. If the game stays with me, it will never get played and suffer more injury to random spars, flags and masts.

      I still like sailing games; I might pick up a Sails of Glory starter box: It has storage spots for the ships, and it has solo rules.

  5. MoW was really one of the best games GW ever produced. Hard to beat it.

  6. If only I lived near Ames. The fleet looks great and I would be very tempted to snap it up. Whoever gets it will be very lucky.