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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

54mm Gladiators: Murmillo (second version)

Here's another version of the murmillo. You'll notice that I've used the same bodies for this murmillo and the secutor (as cast, this body is meant for the murmillo figure; the secutor is the converted figure). I've done this since both types of fighters wore the same armor combinations, and I wanted a little variety having copies of the same style of gladiator.

This is one of the two figures I added my own horsehair crests. The other one, another hoplomachus, will soon be painted. But next up is my favorite, the Thraex. I've also filed away the original face mask and added my own.

I also plan on going back to all the finished gladiators and drybrushing some dust effects on the lower extremities and bottom portions of shields, so that the fighters look as if they've been shuffling through the sands already.

(note: I haven't painted the base yet, so don't mind the random paint marks.)

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