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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Apocalators: Knife fighter Eve

Here's one of my two "knife fighters." Since I have a male and female, I call this one Eve (and the other Adam.) I gave her purple hair to evoke a little bit of cyberpunk. I don't mind mixing styles among my fighters; it'll give my players more options that might appeal to their preferences when choosing a fighter.

And yes, more rusty armor. I may have a few different styles going here, but I think it's the rust that's helping to hold these figures together as a cohesive set.

For those who play Red Sand Black Moon, I'm gonna try something different with this figure's armor: Instead of counting her as being AC1, I'm treating her as unarmored, but with the large galerus and armored sleeve counting as a small shield. So depending on how many signatures, attribute points I give her, she's probably going to b low-rated. Another disadvantage she'll have is that she can't switch weapon hands. She's a fighter for an experienced player (or for an expert player when fighting novices.)


  1. In the post apocalyptic world we will not put armor (armour) over our "junk."

    Good stuff. I like you folks that make and convert your own figures.

  2. Good call on the small shield counting instead of AC