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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Post-Apoc: Beast idea

So I'm looking through my collection of dinos and other vinyl animals, looking for some inspiration for converting a decent post-apoc monster. I could easily just do an extreme dinosaur, but I want something that looks more original. Then I hit upon this idea. I'm still not sure how I feel about it (it's not done- these pics are Photoshopped.)

It feels a bit contrived, but I think I can certainly make the transition from gorilla body to allosaurus head seemless (I'd cover it with some fur made with green stuff.) It's more animal, which is OK, but I like the freakishness of my other two beasts.

I'll ponder over it the next few days before I start cutting anything.


  1. I say go for it! GORALLASAUR!!! I think it looks really cool, and with a little GS work + a workover with some of the irradiated paint schemes you've been using, I think it would look less contrived and even more awesome.

    (Gorallapocasaur? No. Allagore? Hmmm.)

  2. Dinorilla is my working name for it. If I build it, I'll call it (I think aptly) a Moreau (as in "Island of Dr. ---." Though, I'll change the spelling to hide its origins -- Moro, I think.

    And yes, it's gonna get new paint; I was thinking of something akin to African Wild Dogs.

  3. that is freaky. I could kind of see it with a bit or a spine crest running part way down it's back. fun stuff!

  4. LOL. I'm suddenly reminiscing about watching "Dinoshark" and "Sharktopus"... Not good films by any stretch, but pretty entertaining from a crazy-biology point of view. Go for it.

  5. How about a crest of feathers on the back of the skull?

  6. Looks good, but I think it needs something like a tail, or the aforementioned feather crest (or both). A slightly longer neck might help too.

    And the african wild dog paint job would be striking, particularly with feathers in black.

  7. I agree, a tail and a crest will do the work!

  8. Love the idea. There are all sorts of little things you could do to break it up if you wanted to make it less a straight mish-mash. That said, the mish-mash is a cool idea and seems remarkably simple and elegant to great effect.


  9. I thought about either the spine OR the feather crest, but not both- I didn't want too much going on in the same area. But I decided on the spine since I want my beast to look a little more ferocious.

    And I've added a tail- though I went more lion tail rather than dino tail. I eyed it with the dino tail, but it started looking like a deformed dinosaur, whereas I want a mean-looking mammal/lizard beast.

    (Already added the tail? Yes I have, by which I mean, I've actually finished all the conversion work. I'm waiting for green stuff to cure, then I'll prime tonight or tomorrow. Patience went by the wayside on this one, but I think this beasty turned out nicely. I took some WIP shots as well.)