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Monday, May 28, 2012

Apocalators: Only slightly irradiated

Here are the last two figures from this latest batch. Not too bad; I received the Bronze Age dollies on Wednesday and finished painting the last figure Monday -- I guess it might as well be one full week once I get this batch varnished.

I was bored with the usual old skin tones, so these two received a little bit of mutation, compliments of my paint. I went back (again) to Foundry's Storm Blue and Storm Green triads.

Hmm, I just realized I don't have anything new to paint, and no plan for anything in the immediate future. But that's ok; I want to get a little gameplay in. I wouldn't mind finding another monster or two to throw into the arena. Perhaps I'll look through the rolls of older D&D prepainted figures to see what works as a post-apoc abomination.
I may also have a couple more dinosaurs sitting around to paint.


  1. Great, as always! I'm looking forward to seeing some battle reports with this latest batch.

  2. This is a great batch of figures - love the irradiated skin tones and the junk armour not protecting their junk (a certain symmetry to that...). Have fun with them!