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Monday, May 3, 2010

54mm Gladiators: The afternoon show (more noxii)

Here's a couple more noxii/prisoners to throw into the arena. They're not quite done (the bases need a coat of dark brown ((I use Reaper Pro's Walnut brown on all my bases.)

These two represent a Celt and an ancient German captured from the battlefield and condemned to death ad gladium. The Celt has been given basic gladiatorial equipment to fight with, whereas the German is allowed to fight with his own weapons (though, I gave him a slightly better chance with a newer shield.)

All of the painting was straightforward; it was certainly fun and easy to do stripes at this scale. The woad I did freestyle with no plan. Even without a plan, I probably should have taken a little more time with it. I know I can do some more refined and detailed tattoos, but I wanted to get these two figures finished today. I'm still happy with the result.

The German figure is the one I gave all that extra beard to. A friend of mine looked at it for the first time (before it was painted) and said, "It's God!" Now I can't help think that every time I look at that figure. Though it's easier since his beard is brown instead of the stereotypical white. Still, I just pretend it's young God back in his rebellious days :) Other than young God's axe handle being replaced with brass rod (and the addition of the beard), both of these figures are shown as is. Even the Celt figure has his original blade (it was sturdy enough to not need any replacement.)

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