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Thursday, May 6, 2010

What should I do next?

With my gladiator project winding down (two to go!), I've been wondering what my next project should be. I've enjoyed painting a couple barbarians; perhaps I should do a small horde? I've also been taking a long look at Heresy's trenchcoat gangers. Or should I commit to anything at all for the time being? I have plenty to paint, and I will paint some of it whether I have a major project or not. I have random odds and ends such as a few 54mm Civil War figures and a couple Blood Bowl teams. Those things will get painted.

I'm going to Kansas City soon; perhaps my pilgrimage to Tabletop Games will guide my soul. Until I make that trip, I've decided to not purchase anything or make a choice as to what to paint (except those odds and ends.) But suggestions are welcome.


  1. The practical thing to do would be to paint all of the unpainted figures that you've invested money with... on the other hand!- The best part about the hobby is buying way too many figures and never having everything caught up!
    My vote is for the ACW figs, but only because that's my thing.
    Sometimes I let dice decide what I paint next, I feel it's fitting. So there you go! 2 minutes of rambling and still no real advice!

  2. A barbarian horde to go up against a werewolf clan would be cool.

  3. I am partial to sci - fi @

    your figs are excellent

  4. Try to whittle down the lead mountain.

    But I'm one to talk. I rarely finish anything.

  5. Actually, I am working on a few things I've pulled from the mountain. Mostly, though, I use Lead Mountain as a bits box, especially with the amount of converting I've been doing this past year.

    Nice figures over at Bronzeage! If you have time, everybody go have a look. I may have to partake in some of those generic 54mm figures for converting into ..hmmm ... Oh! 54mm cavemen! Hmmm, maybe THAT could be my next project? As if I need more prehistoric figures.

  6. Wow. Just, wow. So I had a nice look through the 54mm generic figures over at Bronze Age, and I mentally spent almost $200. I really am thinking about doing some Prehistoric/fantasy barbarian figures with them, now. I like the good mix of walking/standing versus action poses (allowing for some figures to be made into civilians.)

    And I'm lucky my Dad introduced me to Sculpey; that medium really allowed me to practice some inexpensive sculpting (before I went on to the more costly and harder-to-use greenstuff.) With that sculpting practice, I think I finally have the ability (as well as extra bits) enough to add to those generic figures to make them either prehistoric or fantasy barbaric warriors. Just one more step for me toward doing my own figures.

    Tabletop Games (in Kansas City) isn't gonna be too happy I'm not about to spend as much money as I originally intended ... unless they carry Bronze Age?

    Clovis, thanks for that web address! If anything comes of this, I'll remember you. (Even though, I didn't go Sci-fi which are also just as nice at Bronze Age.)

  7. Trenchcoat gangsters! Trenchcoat gangsters!