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Saturday, May 15, 2010

First 54mm prehistoric hunter (Day 2)

Well, ok, I worked for an hour or so on Day 1, and another hour or so on Day 2, so I guess this post could be titled Hour 2. ANYway, today I added some folded-over buckskin liners on the loin cloth and "boots." I also sculpted a rudimentary arm on the spear hand. I purposely added more length than I needed on the arm with the plan to cut off what I don't need later. I'm still not sure how I'll have the other hand posed.

I also have a pic here of my buckskin supply. Buckskin is easy to sculpt. Just flatten out some green stuff to almost paper thin, then tear the edges at random. I usually will then pick it up with a needle or sculpting tool and apply it to the figure still uncured, but I'm gonna let this batch cure to see how well I can work with it, as thin as it is.

As well as clothing, the buckskin can be used to make other items such as bed rolls, stretched skins and shelter coverings.

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