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Friday, May 28, 2010

54mm Waiteri tribe: First look at Bronze Age's 54mm generics

Sweet! The figures that will make up my tribe have arrived, and they look great. The first thing I noticed is that they do not have bases- no slotta and no integral base; this will make them FAR easier to base (slotta bases not required and no integral base to spend time filing off.)

Instead, there are pegs on one foot of each figure. The pegs look like they'll fit into a hole on a common Games Workshop monster base. I think I have one or two bases laying about; I'll give it a try. Otherwise, I will clip the pegs and pin the figures to poker chips (a little of 40mm.) As I mentioned earlier, the chips are heavier, cheap and easy to find.

Another thing I like looking at these figures is the muscle detail. It's as if David at Bronze Age Miniatures, looked at a Burne Hogarth book ("Dynamic Anatomy") and transformed the art into sculpture. Lots and lots of muscles on these figures, all the way around. This poses a small dilemma: I want to add furs and skins, but I don't want to cover up too much of the sculpts. A few of these figures may just have loin cloths.

I originally wanted one figure to be swinging a two-handed flint axe, but the pose also looks great with a spear, as if he's preparing to deliver the death thrust. To remedy my indecision on which weapon to give him, I think I may just order a second copy of the figure later (as well as a few seconds of others. I can see multiple uses for most of these.)

There are a lot of little things about these figures that also make them great, but too many to put here. But a quick example of a small detail that adds to a figure: One figure stands with his hands at his side, but he's not actually standing: One foot (just the heel) is ever so slightly lifted off the ground. It's hard to describe- it's such a subtle action, but it can speak volumes. A lot of figures these days have such extreme, dramatic, comic book-inspired poses (just as some of these do- nothing wrong with that), but this figure, standing steadfast with his one heel barely lifted demonstrates a more profound action. This figure will be my chief, standing proud over his tribe, and, with that one lifted foot, preparing to take his first step on a long journey ahead of his tribe on the search for mammoth, aurochs, a new home, enemies and other adventures.

Yes, these figures are excellent. The babes have nice racks, too.


  1. Wow, those look great!

    LOooking forward to seeing your sculpts.


  2. I'm going to be really negative - sorry

    I think you want to cover up as much of the detail as possible, these guys look like spandex-clad American comic Super-hero's, the reality is, prehistoric people were small, slight and while they had muscle, it was hidden in the arms and legs, not pumped-up in the gym.

    You look at Welsh hill-farmers, or machine-gunners in county regiments...small wiry men who can go all day sheering or humping ammo. on a bacon-butty and a couple of cups of tea, these sculpts will need 6 raw eggs before they can get out of bed, and then require 6 bananas and 3 steaks for breakfast!!!!

    Lovely figures, but not cave-men!

  3. Maverick- Yes, they are superhero spandex- I guess I should have specified the tribe would be more a fantasy/prehistoric tribe (such as Copplestone's cavemen) - think more "1 Million Years B.C." and less "Quest for Fire." They will be used to play Tusk, which includes cavemen vs. dinosaurs.

    My original idea was to make these more of warriors in a time between cavemen and now- think Conan the Cimmerian.

    BUT, David at Bronze Age mentioned to me that these were indeed sculpted to a heroic scale, and that he is working on properly proportioned figures (which I will also purchase, when they become available, to be civilians in the tribe.)

    Also- thanks for mentioning steak and eggs- I now what I'm having for breakfast now! :)

  4. AHHHH! Well? M1B.C., ...they need bigger breasts!!!!!

  5. Bigger breasts? Hmmm, I DO have plenty of green stuff.