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Sunday, May 23, 2010

First 54mm prehistoric hunter (Day 4 and 5)

I've finished all the sculpting for my first 54mm early human. I decided the easiest thing to do for his left arm would be to have it rest on a water pouch. On day 4, I made the pouch which was about the easiest thing I've done yet. I used a clay pusher tool to add wrinkles and an indentation where the arm would rest on the pouch. I used a needle to poke tiny stitch marks around the pouch.

I let the green stuff cure overnight. In the meantime, I replaced the hunter's spear with a longer spear. I also banged out a few random flat spots and bends in the new spear to give it a bit more natural look, not necessarily with knots and heavy wood grain, but as if it was a branch that had been straightened over a fire. I also used twine to add binding for the spear point.

The next day, I sculpted the arm and hand right onto the water pouch. I added a piece of twine as a strap for the water pouch. I also added a couple smaller bags around his waist. Then I called it finished.

I'm thinking about using old clay poker chips as bases: They're heavy, round, standardize, a good size for the scale, a little more readily available than the bases I currently use, and the engraved tops will be hidden with flock, bush, grass and other terrain. That's the plan; I'm not going to base this guy until I get the rest. I want to make sure they'll all fit on poker chip bases.

Tomorrow, I'll prime this figure and start painting him this week. Hopefully, the rest of the tribe will arrive soon, so I can base this one. But I'm patient; they'll arrive when they arrive.

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