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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Reaper Black Orc (3429) converted

Sometimes the painting is god-awful slow, and sometimes I pick up a mini off the mountain and I have it painted within the hour! Granted, I did the conversion work (another hour) and priming of this figure a few weeks ago.

This is Reaper's Black Orc archer. I wanted a figure for D&D's fighter brawler option, and this figure (with a little bit of work) seemed to fit the bill. It was a simple matter of removing the bow and replacing it with a newly hammered blade. Now the back arm, meant originally to be holding an arrow, instead looks like it's cocked back to pummel an opponent. I also removed the arrow feathers from the quiver, turning it into a scabbard (that the sword he's carrying won't fit in, by the way), and added a bedroll to show that this figure is someone on the move (on an adventure, one might say.)

This was a fun, simple figure to paint, and it was nice to go back down to 28-32mm again. I'm used to it, now; Going from 28 to 54mm and all points between poses no problems for my painting. It was actually easier to go back to 28mm after painting the 54s for all that time.

Well, I may not have another post for a while. Vacation is getting close. I will have my laptop with me, so I may be keeping an eye on comments, and responding to questions etc. Until then, feel free to look around and stay awhile!

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  1. I like the painting and the convershion very much. You should post it on reaper website. Regards